Speculation hopes fuel markets (3 Sep- 7 Sep)


US stocks rose on speculation of stimulus with the S&P 500 index rising 2.2% to the highest since 2008. Similar expectations contributed to the rise of European markets with the Stoxx 600 index advancing slightly by 2.3%. China’s stimulus measures and the EU’s announced bond buying program spurred Asia’s benchmark MSCI Asia Pacific index to a 1.1% gain, its first in 3 weeks. Brent crude slipped just 32 cents for the week.


The Dynamics in the global oil market are changing with Iraq fast becoming a leading producer.

Soybean prices have been soaring while the world has been looking elsewhere. Soybean prices affect animal feed prices and thereby will affect food inflation in developing countries

An interesting article from a large global fund speaks of the need for emerging markets to be focused more on domestic sources for growth, given the volatile conditions of most traditional export markets.

Technological change and consumer preferences could be driving manufacturing away from developing markets and back into the developed West, a very relevant article asks how.

An interesting article examining the dynamics of the Bhutan, China and India Triangle.

Other Views:

The global debt clock – Our interactive overview of government debt across the planet


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