QE3 hopes drive global markets( 10 Sep-14 Sep)


The Federal Reserve’s plans for quantitative easing proved to be the biggest driver of markets last week. In the US, the S&P500 index was pushed to its highest levels since 2007, gaining 1.9% for the week. The Stoxx Europe 600 index closed out the week with a 1.3% gain, a -15 month high and the MSCI Asia Pacific Index advanced 3.8%. Brent Crudesettled at $116.66 after gaining 2.1% for the week.


While Austerity measures in Europe look to decrease Social Welfare , across the rest of Asia the welfare state has started to flower.

An interesting article explores the inner workings of the Chinese stock market. Heavily manipulated by the state, it is highly unaffected by market sentiment, a fact that can work to its detriment.

Oil prices have been driven up by speculators, Saudi Arabia accuses. However this isn’t stopping the hike in energy prices that resulted out of geopolitical concern surrounding the US’ vendetta against Iran. Even though supply levels have remained the same, speculation has driven prices higher.

The impact of coal crisis on developing nations like India and China.

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